Best 5 Caribbean Kitesurfing Holiday Destinations

Best 5 Caribbean Kitesurfing Holiday Destinations

The Caribbean abonds of Kitesurfing spots blessed by the trade winds from mid December until the end of June.

Every single island of the Caribbean has their own particularities and benefits from being very close to one an other.

You can island hop with LIAT Airline and make your holiday even more interesting by discovering more islands during your stay.

Our favourite Kitesurfing Destination in the Caribbean is Union Island.

#1 Union island and the Grenadines


Union Island is unspoilt by the mass tourism and benefits from the best trade winds and best flat water spots.

Located in the heart of the Grenadines, Union Island offers a very easy access to all the neighbouring islands, only a short speed boat ride away.

The two main spots of the island are world renowned and have become a top favourite for most Professional Kiteboarders and big Kiteboarding brands like North, Ocean Rodeo and Epic where they come regularly to shoot their annual product shoots.

The main spot, where JT Pro Center is located, consists of very beautiful clear turquoise flat water making it the ideal place to learn how to kitesurf and improve on your tricks.

You can stay right on the Kitespot at the JT Pro Center to kite every day right infront of your door or simply take lessons with us if you are a complete beginner.

#2 Barbados


We have ranked Barbados #2 as a Kitesurfing destination only because it is ranked #1 for wave riding in the Caribbean.
Barbados’ Silver Rock Kitesurfing spot at Brian Talma Kitesurfing Center is the place to be if you want a Caribbean holiday and if you are looking to score some nice and easily accessible waves in the Caribbean.

If you are looking to improove your freestyle skills, Barbados do not offer great flat water spots like other islands.

Barbados is great if you want to go out often, party and enjoy the different bars and restaurants as the island is more tourist oriented.

#3 Martinique and Guadeloupe


Martinique and Guadeloupe are both French islands located in the middle of the Caribbean arc.
French islands meaning French speaking country with euro and all the nice shops and supermarkets you would find in France.

The islands have various spots located all around the East Coast with several kite centers.

The wind is usually better in the morning but blows most of the days.

We recommend that you rent a car if you are going to spend some time on these islands.


#4 St.Lucia


St.Lucia has three main Kitesurfing spots, one on the North of the island in Case en Bas and two in the South near the international airport in Vieux Fort.

Case en Bas is our favourite freestyle spot. The bay is protected and the kite school over there offers kite lessons in the protected bay.
The wind can become gusty at the begining of the windy season from December to February when the trade winds come from the North. The wind direction is best from March until the end of June.

Our favourite spot in Vieux Fort is at the Reef Kite School, it is a very friendly kite school with relaxed people and cheap accommodation and a beach bar right on the kite spot.

The other spot is located in front of the big Coconut Bay Resort and features nice kickers and a great lagoon to practice on.


#5 Trinidad and Tobago


On the island of Tobago (not to be mistaken with the Tobago Cays that we have in the Grenadines) Radical Kitesurfing has a great little kitesurfing school offering great Kitesurfing services and lessons.

We haven’t had the chance to try out that spot but we have heard a lot of great things about it.