Kitesurfing Spots of the Grenadines in the Caribbean

The Grenadines counts some of the best kitesurfing spots of the Caribbean.

We offer you to stay on Union Island at our Kite center which is the best spot of the Grenadines where you can kite out of your door.
You can then go and explore the other surrounding spots during our Kite safari tours.

Please not that most Kitesurfing spots are not adapted if you are unable to ride upwind and if you are planing on practicing on your own without boat support.

 WINDY SEASON You will find the best wind in the Caribbean from the 15th of December until the end of June.

Have a look at our Weather Forecast page for a detailed statistic of the trade winds in the Grenadines.





Our JT Pro Center kiteschool is located on the main beach of Union Island.

The spot is a lagoon of amazing colours with flat water.. To kite on your own on this spot you need to be a confident rider/ go upwind consistently. This is not a good spot for beginners if you are on your own.

It is the most amazing place in the world to learn Kitesurfing safely with the Kitesurfing School.

The beach is situated next to the center of town with the restaurants and bars.

If the wind is low, the little airport wave breaking just in front of the club is perfect for surfing or using our SUP boards, but be careful with the shallow reef.

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To kite on your own on Kitebeach you must be able to Ride comfortably up-wind and have a good kite control.

All Kitesurfers must respect all the safety rules outlined in our Spot page


-If you are already a Kitesurfer and would like to use our spot you must pay a Kitebeach fee of 10 EC$ per Day per Kiteboarder which will give you access to our air compressor, Lounge bar area, Wifi and safety rescue when our boat is available. Weekly and Monthly rates are available.

-Hotel guests who booked their stay through us via do not have to pay the Kite Beach access fee.




Frigate is a flatwater spot located in Ashton, the other village on Union Island. The wind is blowing offshore over a walkway, created when the construction of a Marina started. The construction is now abandoned, but it created an amazing playground for kiters.

The spot is easiest accessed by boat, and a boat is needed for safety since the wind is offshore and the next spot is South America…

It takes only 10 minutes by boat to go to Frigate with our Half Day Tour.

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Big sand offers nice little waves and kickers.

A wide beach of white sand, with blue waves of varying size depending on the swell.

The wind is sideshore and the waves are easy. On no wind days Big Sand is a good spot to learn surfing. This spot works best on North East winds.

The newly opened Sparrow’s beach bar and restaurant is a great place to have lunch.

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    Mayreau is a neighbouring island located just a short boat ride from Union Island.

The spot is called Salt Whistle Bay and is a favored anchor spot among sailors visiting The Grenadines. A thin sand spit is separating the bay where the boats anchors from the kite spot. This makes it an excellent spot to bring non kiting friends and partners; they can relax in the calm bay protected from the wind, while you kite on the other side, just 10 meters away.

The bay where we kite is protected by a reef, and has waves on the outside, and small kickers to play with on the inside. Sometimes when there are fewer sailboats, experienced riders can also ride in Salt Whistle Bay on the flatwater section.

The JT Pro Center offers day tours to Mayreau.

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  The Tobago Cays experience is a must when visiting the Grenadines.

Here you are guaranteed to see big turtles when snorkeling, in addition to a rich sea life, beautiful fish of all colours and sizes, and majestic rays floating by.

Kitesurfing in the Tobago Cays is an amazing experience: it is a beautiful, huge lagoon of the clearest shades of blue but very choppy and not very fun for freestyle or jumping.

You can launch your kite from James By, The wind is on shore and much weaker on the beach so be careful when launching your kite. You can also lunch from Petit Tabas where you need to be careful with the reef.

It is forbidden to launch from Baradal (the sandy island where the turtle watching is located). A great way to go back to Union is to go downwind by your kite (only with a boat following you of course).

Remember: Kiteboarding in the Cays is restricted, and it is important to respect the launch zones and rules. The rangers are there every day, making sure the rules are followed.

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Nothing is quite like Morpion. A small island of sand in the middle of the sea, surrounded by protective reef.

A lonely umbrella provides the only shadow on Morpion. The spot isn’t the best, the shallow reefs can be pretty dangerous, but everyone must see this sandy island once in their life.

It is a great place to start a downwinder to Frigate.

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Kite like a millionaire on Palm Island! This private island has some of the best wave spots of the Grenadines on the reef surrounding it. The launching can be tricky and the lagoon is a little choppy for freestyle.

The best way is to launch from our Kite center spot on Kitebeach on Union island. The waves are located at a 15min ride upwind. You must be an advanced Kitesurfer to go to ride the waves on Palm Island and alway bring a friend with you for asistance.

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