The Grenadines

Located in the South Caribbean, between the well known islands of St.Lucia and Grenada, St.Vincent and the Grenadines is an independent island-country constituted of St.Vincent, the main island and the Grenadines archipelago where Union Island is located. The spoken language is English.

The Grenadines are well known for its clear water and a unique beauty. Unquestionably the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean, St.Vincent and the Grenadines have hosted the filming of the movies “Pirates of the Caribbean” I and II.

Locate Union Island and the Grenadines on the Caribbean map
Map of the Grenadines

Most countries do not need a visa to visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and you can visit our Getting Here page to find all of the informations on how to get here.

Union Island, home of the JT Pro Center Kitesurfing School has some of the best kitesurfing and surf spots together with all the facilities to make your holiday more enjoyable.

Currency and ATM

The currency used is the Eastern Caribbean dollar EC$ which is linked to the US dollar.

1 US$ = 2.67 EC$ (Fixed rate)

1 Euro = 3 EC$ approx.  (live rate)

US$ are widely accepted.

There are several banks and ATMs in St.Vincent and the Grenadines where you can withdraw EC$ with your credit card.

Getting Here

Unspoilt by the mass tourism industry, it is fairly easy to get to Union Island by plane from Europe or from America.

You simply have to fly to Barbados and then follow our detailed instructions.

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Wind and Weather

You will find the best wind in the Caribbean from December/January until the end of July.

The air temperature is 30°C all year long and the water temperature is 28°C, so no need to bring a wetsuit.

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The Kite Spots

Most of the Grenadines islands surrounding Union Island have great kitesurfing spots.

The JT Pro Center offers day Kite Safari Tours to all the neighbouring spots with our speed boat or partner sail boat.

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 U nion Island with its unique scenery, has become a kitesurfing paradise. Located in the middle of the Grenadines, Union Island benefits from an airport with daily flights from Barbados and nice hotels to stay in. The JT Pro Center kitesurf school has chosen Union as its primary base for teaching kitesurfing and surfing because of its location and great spots.

Surrounded by Mayreau and the Tobago Cays we offer day discovery tours to the neighboring spots.

Union Island is the most accessible island of the Grenadines with daily connections from Barbados. Charter flights from St.Lucia and Grenada are also available. A fast ferry from St.Vincent will allow you to come directly to Union Island in a couple of hours. Find more on how to get here by visiting our Getting here page.
Kitesurfing doesn’t get any better than on Union! With the variety of its coast line, Union Island has spots for everyone, whether you like flat water or waves. The JT Pro Center is located on the Anchorage Beach in Clifton next to the small airport. You must be able to ride upwind if you plan on Kitesurfing on your own on Union island. If you are more interested in surfing we will show you the best hidden breaks around the island. Find all the info about Kitesurfing on Union Island on our spot page.
There are several activities available on Union Island, you can go out dancing at night, eat in the various restaurants, go diving or fishing with our partners. We invite you to have a look at the activity page of this website for more information.



 A s the marine park of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, the Tobago Cays is the best snorkeling spot around, you will be able to swim with the turtles and see all the tropical fish. The islands of the Tobago Cays are uninhabited but you can anchor your sail boat for an amazing day of snorkeling or kitesurfing.

If you are staying on land you can reach the Tobago Cays by water taxi. If you are coming with your own sailing boat, you can anchor in the bay. A fee of 10 EC$ /pers/day  will be asked by the rangers
The Cays is one of the most beautiful kite spots on earth with crystal blue water and constant wind. Our kiteschool offer full day tours to the Tobago Cays. Unfotunately the Kitesurging there is not the best as the water is pretty choppy. You can ride the huge lagoon or play in the waves along the outside reef if you are a good kiter. The reef can be shallow in some places. You are not allowed to launch your kite from Baradal, you can launch your kite from James By or Petit Tabac. A nice thing to do is to downwind from the Cays to Union Island if your sail boat can follow you.
The Tobago Cays are famous for being one of the best anchorages in the Caribbean. Jump off your sailboat for an amazing snorkeling experience between the luscious reef and sea turtles surrounding Baradal Island.



Mayreau is a neighbouring island located just a short boat ride from Union Island. You can get a taxi boat or simply come with one of the organized tours with the JT Pro Center. If you are coming with your own sailing boat, you can anchor in Salt Whistle Bay where the kite spot is located.
Mayreau has two spots, one up wind from Salt Whistle Bay and one for experienced riders only on the inside of the bay in front of the boats. The upwind part of the spot is the most suitable for beginners as the side on shore wind offers a nice shallow lagoon to progress in. Some of the best kickers are found in Mayreau, as well as a few nice waves for surfing along the point when there is no wind.
It’s a must to go and visit the little village of Mayreau on the hill side, facing the sunset makes it one of the most charming villages in the Grenadines with its beautiful little church.



Kite like a millionaire on Palm Island! This private island has some of the best wave spots of the Grenadines created by the reef surrounding it. If you stay on the island we can come pick you up and bring you to Union Island only a mile away.
If you are staying on Palm island your room will be right along the sandy beach. If you are staying on Union Island you can access palm island with one of the local speed boat or their daily schedule.
On Palm Island the launching can be tricky and the lagoon is a little choppy for freestyle, but once you reach the outer reef you will be blessed by some of the best waves we have in the Grenadines. You must be an advanced kiteboarder to surf Palm island waves
If you are staying on the island you can benefit from all the luxury services offered by the Palm Island Resort.



Nothing is quite like Morpion. A small island of sand in the middle of the sea, surrounded by protective reef.
A lonely umbrella provides the only shadow on Morpion.
You can reach it with one of our day tours or with your own sail boat.
The spot with the shallow reefs can be pretty dangerous but everyone must see this sandy island once in their life. It is a great place to start a downwinder to Union Island.
Morpion is a romantic little island where you can enjoy suntanning and snorkeling.



Mustique is a favored hideaway for celebrities and for anyone looking to enjoy a quiet holiday in its luxurious villas.
You can reach Mustique by sailboat, as we do not offer day tours to the island at the moment as it is located a little too far away. Daily flights and a ferry from St.Vincent are available.
Kitesurfing on Mustique isn’t the easiest, L’Ansecoi offers nice waves and flat water for freestyle but is a little bit gusty by east winds. Pasture Bay gets cleaner winds but a pretty big beach break with on shore wind. Not for beginners. We offer Kite Lessons From Mustique to Union island, a small private plane can come and pick you up for a day of kite lessons on Union Island.
Mustique is a very exclusive island where you can enjoy the several beaches and activities. Horse back riding, private parties or simply having a drink in the famous Basil’s Bar are some of the Mustique attractions.



If you are coming down from the northern islands you will pass by Bequia, which is the doorway to the Grenadines. Famous for its local whale fishing, Bequia has remained authentic.
If you are not sailing with your own boat, you can reach Bequia by ferry from St.Vincent or the Grenadines.
Kitesurfing on Bequia is unknown. We think you can find a couple of spots on the windward side, but if you are planning on kitesurfing come to Union Island.
Most people stop on Bequia (with their sailboats) to do the customs, visit the island and the local market.



Canouan island has its own international jetport and one of the most luxurious golf resorts in the Caribbean covering most of the island. The blue lagoon is one of the most beautiful in the Grenadines.
The spot is accessible only by sailboat if you are not staying in the private villa or resort on the island. You can reach the island by ferry but it will be complicated for you to kite if you are not staying in the resort.
There are a couple of good waves for surfing around the airport. The kitesurfing can be good, the huge lagoon is amazing to ride on but the chop makes it hard to pop for jumping and the straight on shore wind hard to get away from the shore line
Golfing and enjoying the luxurious spa is definitely on the to do list if you are staying in the Canouan island resort.

Book your Hotel in the Grenadines

Staying on Union island is the best option to discover the Grenadines, we offer two options for accommodation in the Grenadines.

kitebeach union

The Hotel on Kitebeach

The Hotel on the Kitebeach on Union Island is the perfect option to stay in the Grenadines near all the other Islands but with all the services a nice little Caribbean island can offer with Restaurants and Bars. Our Kite Beach Hotel is located on the main Kitesurfing spot of the Grenadines.

Book with us to get the FREE Kitebeach Access.

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pal island

Palm Island Resort

Staying on the private Island Palm Island is for anyone looking for a more relaxing high standard holiday with the best services. Palm Island is located 1 mile offshore Union island but has daily boat connection to Union island and the Kitesurfing school and spot with Sailing Day tours to the neighbouring Grenadine islands.

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