Kiteboarding on Mustique island

Kiteboarding on Mustique island

We have had the chance to fly over to Mustique on our private plane at the JT Pro Center and go coach some clients on Mustique Island a couple days ago.

Together with Nico we loaded the Cesna 172 plane with a lot of kites and boards for a quick kiteboarding session on Mustique island. The island is renown for it’s luxury villas and to be the perfect hideaway.

Union Island is actually only 10 minutes away from Mustique so it was pretty easy for us to fly over. We were staying at lookout villa, Bryan Adams’s house which is the best location if you want to be able to kite on Mustique.
The spot is great for any advanced riders with nice flat water , small waves and kickers.

You launch from Bryan Adams house ( if you stay there) and cruise between Mick Jagger’s  and Tommy Hilfiger’s villas. In the middle you can hit a few kickers, a little upwind catch a few waves.

If you are interested in kiting on Mustique and in renting one of the above villas check:

Unfortunately Mustique isn’t the most adapted for beginners. If anyone interested in kitesurfing lessons on Mustique, my kiteboarding center JT Pro Center on Union island is perfect. We quickly fly over to Mustique and pick up anyone interested in learning kitesurign for a morning or a full package day including the flight and the kite lessons with photoshoot. You can be back or Lunch or dinner the same day.

The villas in Mustique are unbelievable, everything on this island is nice and neat and the people pretty relaxed.

We haven’t had too much wind during our little trips but it as enough to play around with our kites.

We took a few shots on my phone so I can share the experience on the blog.

We will be back on Mustique very soon, we know that there are some great waves for regular paddle surfing which haven’t been much exploited yet and I would love to get a surf session on Mustique .