The Best Way to Discover the Grenadines

The Best Way to Discover the Grenadines

The Grenadines and Union Island is becoming the new Kitesurfing spot everyone is talking about.
Some of the biggest brands have used Union Island as their destination to promote their upcoming photoshoot and a lot of pro kiteboarders are coming here to train during the winter.

If you are planning on coming to kitesurf  in the Grenadines, staying on Union island in our partner hotel right on the Kitebeach is the best way to discover the Grenadines.

Getting Here

Flying to Union Island is pretty simple, you can follow the instructions here. Once arrived, you can check into the hotel and go for your first Kite session an hour after landing !

Renting a Catamaran or a Sail Boat from one of the other Caribbean islands such as Martinique, St Lucia or Grenada can take you up to 1 and 2 days sailing time before reaching the Grenadines which will take  between 2 and 4 days off of your whole Kite Vacation.


The Spot

All the spots of the Grenadines are all located around Union Island. Union Island has three of the main and best kite spots and it is where you will spend most of your time if you are planning on Kitesurfing in the Grenadines.

Kitebeach, at the JT Pro Center is our favourite spot to Kite in the Grenadines. It is one of the best turquoise flat-water spots in the world along with all the great amenities that the Kite Center has on offer.  Kitebeach is also a great starting point to get to the Palm Island waves.

The Hotel is located on the Kite Spot, if you stay in the Kitebeach room, the Ocean is touching your doorstep and you barely have to walk to have your kite up and ready to take you on the beautiful turquoise lagoon.


Discovering the neighbour spots in no time.

Union island is located very close to the three other Kite Spots of the Grenadines. More info about the Kite Spots here.

You can see how fast you can get to the other spots when starting from Union Island by having a look at the Kite Spots map at the bottom of this page.

When discovering the Grenadines you will want to go at least once to these spots just to discover these beautiful islands.

The JT Pro Center organizes All-Inclusive Full-Day Kite Tours which take you to two different Kite Spots and invites you to visit the Tobago Cays and snorkel with the amazing Turtles, an unforgettable experience.

We also organise Half-Day Tours to the other smaller Kites Spots on Union Island.

If you stay 10 days or more, from our past experience, our guests go on a Full-Day Kite Tour and then on one or two extra discovery half-day tours and spend all the other days Kitesurfing at the Hotel kite spot at JT Pro Center.


Social Life and Night Life

Most Kiteboarders staying on Union Island stay at the Kitebeach Hotel. The atmosphere is really nice during the season. Hanging out at the JT Pro Center Beach Bar and going around town becomes a daily ritual which makes you feel like you are part of the island.

Union Island has very little tourism so the Island has kept its authenticity and everyone is very friendly.

You can also choose to eat in the various restaurants which feature a big variety of tasty food at different prices, suiting whatever your budgets may be.

Going out on Union Island can be fun, there is always a little party happening somewhere, be it at a local bar karaoke or at the JT Pro Center monthly Full Moon Beach Party.


No sea sickness and a comfortable bed

After a long day on the water it is always nice to be back on land and find a nice comfortable bed with or without AC to have you rested and ready for the next day.

When staying on Union Island everything is at a walking distance and you will not need to rent a car.


If coming to Kitesurf in the Grenadines is on your bucket list do not wait any longer and head over to our getting here page to figure out how to get to Union Island and then visit our Kitebeach Hotel Page or Palm Island Resort Page to reserve your room.