Restaurants & Night life

 U nion Island has a wide choice of restaurants, whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a romantic lobster dinner. Here we have listed all the restaurants we know on Union Island. If you feel there is one missing, don’t hesitate to send us a photo and a description of the place.

The night life on Union isn’t huge, but it has a special Caribbean vibe. What better way to end your day than with a rum and coke or beer listening to reggae tunes and looking at the sunset…

Remember that it is Forbidden for anyone to serve Lobster from May 15th to 31 August. To help maintain this always refuse any Lobster offered during these months.





The Snack Shack is the newly open snack bar on Union island.

Built with the use of recycled material found on Union Island, it is a little treasure of inspiration for diy projects.
It is the perfect hangout place from early morning to late night to enjoy one of the best Panini sandwiches you will ever have, excellent breakfast, the best Ice cream in town or some of the local freshly cut fruit juices.

It is also a convenient place to check your emails with the free WIFI internet connection.
The Snack Shack street parties are not to be missed every Saturday night with live music entertainment.




If you ard staying at the Anchorage Yacht Club, how convinient to come out of your room and have lunch or dinner next to the famous shark pool!

The Anchorage restaurant serves pizzas, meat,lobster and delicious fresh fish.

It also has a bar, free wifi and a beautiful view over the lagoon.

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Located right opposite the Fruit Market, Big Citi Grill offers a wide variety of excellent cuisine, the Chef and Owner, Teroy will cook for you at unbeatable prices. Serving the best burgers on the island, you can also have sandwiches or try something from the local buffet for great food at amazing prices.

If you are feeling for “A La Carte” dishes, his menu is amazing and Teroy and his team will surprise you by their cooking talent. Big Citi Grill is closed on Sundays.


Marie’s restaurant is a very charming little restaurant next to the square in Clifton.

Marie is French and an excellent chef. Fish, pastas or pizza, it is a great place to go after a full days kite session, the portions are generous and you always eat very good.

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Amazing beach bar and restaurant with Spa service, located on the most beautiful sandy beach, Big Sand. Fish is especially good here, from Homemade Smoked Marlin to Tuna Sashimi to Fresh Grilled Catch of the Day. Enjoy a sunset drink here followed by a tasty dinner or stay for lunch and swim in the beautiful turquoise water. FREE shuttle service to and from the Sparrow’s Beach Club.


If you are looking for a more traditional restaurant with a steel band playing during your dinner, Lambi is for you, they will serve you all the local dishes with the traditional music playing.

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On the beach of Chatham bay, Seckie & Vanessa will welcome you to this typical shack right on the beach. They will cook you all the traditional food with lobsters and fish. You can not walk from Clifton to Chatham (unless you want to walk for an hour). If you are planning on eating there we advice you to reserve in advance.

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I challenge you to finish your plate at Nola’s! She cooks tasty local food, carrying in more coming every time you think you are done, no guest is leaving Nola hungry.

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On the way to the way up to Ashton, climbing the hill you will find Jennifer’s restaurant on the right, she cooks very nice chicken and fish with a variation of fresh, local vegetables. The food can take some time but you will not be disappointed by the result.

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Open every Friday and Saturday night, Joy cooks some of the best barbecue chicken on the island.

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Twilight is a bar but they also serve food. Keep on drinking and order some of their great fish or beef burgers with fries or a plate of samosas and salad.

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For one of the cheapest and fastest lunches in town, Lambi is where you want to go. The lunch boxes are ready and you can pick yours up for 8EC$. In the box you will find rice or macaroni together with fried fish, chicken or roasted turkey.

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Union Islands’ favourite fast food is at Big Citi Grill. You can choose from a wide daily menu. You can eat there or take away. They serve chicken, conch, beef, corn, potatoes, rice, pasta, hamburgers, fish etc…

The food is served very fast, it is very good and at a very affordable price!

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Eagle nest makes some very good roti every Thursday. The roti is a local wrap stuffed with meat, chicken or conch, together with vegetables. One is enough to keep you full the whole day.

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Located right at the end of the main road in Clifton, opposite the Post Office, you can find a lovely choice of locally made icecreams and snacks.

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Renown worldwide for its originality, Happy island is the first ever bar built on a conch shell base in the middle of the lagoon of Clifton. You can access this charming little bar by taxi boat or with your own dinghy. Facing the west you can enjoy the sunset every day with a glass of Janti’s famous rum punch.

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Twilight is where you want to start your evening, or even finish it if you feel like it. The bar opens early which allow everyone to have a few drinks before dinner. We often end up staying there, skipping dinner and partying. They often have live bands and local music playing. The place is small but the atmosphere is great, and everyone always has a good time at Twilight.

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The Anchorage Yacht Club Bar is a nice place to relax after a kitesurf session or a sail around the Grenadines. Sit next to the shark pool and enjoy the view while enjoying an excellent cocktail.

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Bougainvilla Bar is a charming bar overlooking Clifton Bay with an Aquarium showcasing some of our beautiful tropical fish. Enjoy a cold beer or two before eating dinner.

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The Big Ship Night Club is open almost every night and plays lots of Caribbean reggae, dancehall and soca music as well as a dance music, rnb, pop etc. It is where you want to end the night and learn how to wine local style!

It is located in front of the Bank on Union island.