SUP Tour

Our SUP Tour has become a top favorite for our customers.
Whether you want to take a rest from a long week Kitesurfing, Do something on a no wind day or simply want to discover the amazing south cost of Union Island our SUP tour is made for you.

Anyone can do it ( beginners or people who never been on a paddle board before) , it is very easy to stand on the board and requires very little effort as we go down wind , the wind pushes us as we paddle.
-You first leave the JT Pro Center beach with the instructor, cross the harbor and engage in the beautiful crystal blue water lagoon.

-While in the lagoon you can just relax on your board while the wind and current push you forward!

-You then enter the clear water mangrove with it’s fascinating birds and tranquility.

-The next step to to cross over to the secluded Campbel beach where you can relax until and our dinghy come to pick them up. so you don’t have to paddle back.

-The whole tour from the time they arrive at the kiteschool get ready paddle down and come back last between 2 and 3 hours.

-Our instructor will follow you all along the trip.




50 to 65 usd/person*

Boat safety and Guide are included in the price.

*Prices may vary depending on the number of participants.