Union Island Full moon party 2014-2015 schedule

Union Island Full moon party 2014-2015 schedule

The Full Moon beach parties of Union Island have gained a great reputation among locals, sailors, tourists and neighboring islands.

We have put together a very modern event bringing together a few hundred people on the JT Pro Center kitesurfing beach to enjoy the moonrise and the kitesurfing show.

Find more info about our Full Moon Parties here.

The event starts around 6:30 pm facing the amazing moon rise.

The party features all music genres which brings tourists and locals all together for a unique party experience once a month. Food stands and a bar with a wide selection of drinks is available on location throughout the night.

As the night gets darker, the beach gets illuminated by our light show where glow sticks, glow balls, lasers and fire balls share the moonlight.

International Professional kitesurfer Jeremie Tronet and his team give an amazing Kitesurfing show with their kites on the water while surfing between the fire dancers standing on the reef.


December 6th 2014
January 5th 2015
Feb 3rd 2015
March 5th 2015
April 4th 2015
May 4th 2015