Accommodation union island

Accommodation union island


Union island is a charming little island, there are several restaurants and bars and everyone will feel welcome here.

We invite you to have a look at our restaurant and night life page which tried to list some of the best local and more international restaurants and bars around Union island:


The island is small so you will not need a car, there are several taxis that can take you on the other side in less than 10 min.


Regarding accommodation on Union island, here at the JT Pro Center we offer beach front rooms as it is the closest hotel to the kite spot and is only a couple meters from the water where you will be kiting. The rooms are very nice and the location is perfect.

You can book your room online now:


If you are looking for a more luxury accommodation, we advice you to have a look at the Palm island resort is the island to be ! It is a luxury private island with everything you need. We can pick you up every day to come and kite on our kite spot:


If you wish to stay longer on the island and you are looking for cheaper accommodation alternatives on union island, you can find guesthouses around Union island. Unfortunately we do not offer these kind of accommodaiton at the moment as we do not have any ways of booking and getting in touch with them online.

We also got a lot of  inquiries regarding the flights, we know it can be annoying to read long texts but our Getting here page explains in details everything you need to know to come down to Union island from Europe or the US or any other place int he world:



So if you are looking for some excitement for your next holiday, we really advice you to come down visit !